My Best Cool Tools

 GarageBand:  is more powerful than ever, and gives novices and pros easy recording. It’s still the best way to get started recording or to learn piano or guitar on a computer.

IMovie icon iMovie: can stand proudly alongside its big brother, Final Cut Pro. Easy to use.

 Camtasia:  is a major step up in easy-to-create interactive videos.

Snag it Snag It:  This is a great piece of software. You can copy images, regions, a windows or even a scrolling webpage easily. I love this piece of software.

smart_logo_corp  SmartNotebook:: Love this software! Wonderful software where you can build lesson plans create links to websites and if connected to a SmartBoard the entire class can play software games or be interactive with website using the touch sensitive SmartBoard.

logo-makemusic SmartMusic:: Just discovered this new interactive website. It has many songs available in its library. The student can play along with the band playing their instrument. This software is a great tool for home rehearsals. You can also play your instrument and be recorded.  This software will then critique your performance for rhythm and pitch accuracy.

YouTube You Tube: Many music performances are available for the classroom to critique. Teachers can get ideas for choreography or discover a new song that is available for purchase. Many musicians give interviews or tell about their lives on You Tube. It’s FREE

Audacity-logo-r_50pct  Audacity:: Simple and easy to use recording software. You can record with microphone or with audio in plug. There are many tutorials available on YouTube. You can manipulate recordings (pitch, tempo, split track, etc.).  Best of all it is FREE!

Realplayer  Realplayer: Great video player and recorder. You a can also cut and splice clips together. Playlist are great for an elementary classroom. Best of all, it’s FREE.

images (1) Atomic Learning: Atomic learning has a huge library of software video tutorials.

Replay Video RePlay Video Capture:: This software can record anything you see on your monitor. You select the window, RePlay Video Capture will record it.

Snag it 2Skype: Great for video conferencing with military parents downrange. It is FREE.

Music Acd  Music Ace Maestro: Great for the elementary classroom teacher. This software teaches the child how to read music. It also have many games for rhythm accuracy.

SibeliusSibelius: One the best music publishing software programs available today. You can scan sheet music to MIDI music. You can change instrumentation, tempo, key, color code notes. You can record music on a music controller and it will convert it to sheet music.

KaraFun Karafun:: You can create your own karaoke. Great for public performances when the audience does not know the lyrics or students are learning a new song.

Sonar Sonar 7 Home Studio:  Powerful Midi player. Cakewalk products are known for the many MIDI sounds it has created. With this software you can change tempo, keys, instruments, cut and paste instrument tracks, add instrument sounds, delete instrument sounds and record any live instrument including voice digitally using a microphone or a controler.

VLC VLC Media Player:: This video player has many codecs. It will play just about any AV format. I also like the feature of stacking cued up videos. It’s FREE.

Quicktime QuickTime: Video player that has the feature to stops after each video. Useful in a music program when you have many things to concentrate on already. It is FREE.

Popplet Popplet:  Popplet was an easy program to use. I have used similar programs like Inspiration, but had to pay for a license. This one has many capabilities and was free. I will need to spend more time with it. I think children will enjoy it too. It is FREE.

Glogster Glogster:  was easy to use and a great way for students to get acquainted. I had some trouble getting started, but with a little time of trial and error it got easier. It is FREE.