German/American Band


Pit Band 3

This was a group I performed with in Germany. Half were German and the other half American. We all did not speak the same language, but that did not matter. We could still make beautiful music together.



Junction 1971-73
I was only 18 when I dropped out of college and joined this group. I played trombone and sang. We performed all over the Midwest: Iowa, Kentucky, South Dakota, Illinois, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. At 21, I was back in college. I am in the back row, second person from the left.

University of Iowa “The Old Gold Singers”

Old Gold Singers 1976-1977

 This was a select group of 20 singers/dancers that represented the University of Iowa. This picture includes the entire troupe, the pit band and stage crew that travelled with us. We performed all over Iowa. The Old Gold Singers even made special trips to perform in Chicago, Dollywood, and at Disney World. I am standing in the front row with the white suit.