Favorite Music Apps for My iPad

GARAGEBAND. Simply one of the best apps available for music making. Many included instruments allows for great variety of experience, and easy introduction to sequencing. Smart Instruments feature means music can be played with little formal instruction and included sampler is amazing for kids recording themselves FREE

Blob Chorus Ear Training – The giggling begins right as you open this app, it’s really funny!  The blob chorus treats you to a quick rendition of their “Blob” song and then when you go to use the resource (play the game) they separate.  The idea is that you listen very carefully to the pitches the Blobs sing and then the King Blob sings one of those same pitches.  You have to tap on the correct Blob to win points. FREE

EVERYDAY LOOPER. One of the easiest to use apps for making quick recorded loops of anything. The easy-to-use controls of this app coupled with the intuitiveness of operation make this a “no-brainer” for anyone looking to quickly compose or improvise quick-backing tracks or short compositions. $ ?

MADPAD HD. An absolute favorite for kids. Sample any sounds into a grid and then make your own beats. The creative possibilities are enormous. $0.99

Bebot – in the words of the developer, “part robot, part synth, Bebot is a musical synthesizer with a unique multitouch control method and a versatile sound engine”. And it’s very cute! FREE

Soundbrush – really nice tactile, visual way to compose. Draw music, use different sounds. Can set scale: major, minor, pentatonic, blues and export piece. FREE

Loopy HD is a fantastic app for students who may want to create their own one-man-band performances and it’s perfect for beat-boxers and a cappella singers. Also good for choir rehearsals – you (or choir members) can build up a rhythmic or melodic ostinato and have the choir sing over the top. $?

Singing Fingers HD – one of the best free creative apps available. Draw while singing and play the sound back by touching/swiping your picture. Colors are accurate – the color of middle C will match C an octave above. Great for pitch-matching exercises (match colors as well as sound) and composing. $0.99

Launchpad – is a free app that lets you make, record and share music instantly on your iPad, simply by triggering and mixing sounds on a grid. FREE

 Rhythm Pad – is the easiest and the smartest way to play drums on mobile devices. Rhythm Pad includes a wide range of high-quality real and electronic drum kits. You can also play along with songs from the iPod library. $ ?